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Responsible Travel: Sustainable Hotels in Spain

Tourism is one of the most important Industries in the world and there are many cities where the major source of income is tourism. Is not a secret all the problems that can bring a disproportionate and not controlled tourism to many sacred places.

The most typical and superficial example of this are the beaches we all have seen full of trash, but sadly there are more important problems that can bring tourism like the one that has Venetia right now. One of the most visited cities in the world, is losing residents due to the massive amount of people that goes there during the summer.

During summer season prices rise, and to have a regular life becomes almost impossible for residents because everything gets extra crowded, very expensive, and too complicated. A city like Venetia cannot survive on its own without having regular residents who keep it as we know it today.

That is to say that today it is impossible not to think in a sustainable tourism were the travelers coexist with the places, they visit without doing any harm to that place. A visitor must respect not only the environment, but also the cultural heritage of that specific place. There is an important call for how we make tourism right now, which is to be sensitive when visiting a place and respect the integrity of its nature and heritage environment.

Therefore, the Sustainable tourism is becoming more popular between travelers since people around the world is acknowledging all the problems that tourism bring along, and more importantly are becoming more responsible when choosing the kind of vacations they want to have.

90% of travelers would chose to stay in a sustainable hotel, and 34% of those travelers would consider paying more to stay in them.

Definitely there is a considerable shift of people minds and the way they see tourism. They see the need for taking care of the world, and going to vacation means to have fun and know different places while respecting those places and taking care of the surroundings.

Spain is not the exception to this alternative tourism, and many brands are looking to be more sustainable; respecting the environment, the waste management, maintenance management, food preparation, safer cleaning products offered to guest, and efficiency of the resources daily used as could be solar energy are some of the differences when talking about sustainable hotels.

As always we have made our picks for you to know when coming to Spain those hotels that have the best sustainability, luxury, and comfort.

Do you want to know which are our favourite sustainable hotels in Spain?

Ayre Hotel located in Seville has decreased the energy bill in 43% in only 5 years of having an efficient resources building. Ayre sustainable philosophy goes beyond the Hotel itself because there are sustainable rules for Ayres’ providers as well.

Mas Salgaros located 40 min from Barcelona have 60 rooms decorated with 100% natural and ecologic materials including the mattresses. All the products used are certified as ecological and the hotel has a sustainable waste management procedure that respect, and preserves the beautiful and natural place where the hotel is located.

La Isla y el Mar located in Lanzarote is certified as Biosphere Smart Hotel. The waste management, the use of the energies and the materials make of this gem not only sustainable, but also elegant. It is Special for unique travelers who like to take care of the environment in the most exclusive possible way.

This award-winning hotel has received one of the 10 prizes awarded by the Hábitat Futura Group during its contest ReThink Hotel Contest, to the best sustainable hotels in Spain

Vivood Hotel Landscape located in Alicante has won many awards for its innovations and sustainability. They take care of every detail and fight for a responsible consumption. This Adults-only hotel offer nature and maximum comfort which is in fact another way of understanding luxury.

Ilunion Malaga located in Malaga is well recognized for the utilization of solar light. The hotel not only get the sun to make sustainable energy, but also take advantage of natural light with a big central patio that lights the interior for no cost during the day.

You can always make the difference when traveling. Buy local, eat in local restaurants, take care of your trash, and think twice when you are going to do activities related with wild animals. Be responsible with your acts and respectful with the places you go in. Because, we want them to last many more years.

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