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Romantic Ideas for the best Valentine’s Day in Spain

Valentine’s Day can be a stressful date, finding new things to do with your partner can be a challenge.

You can search for hours and not find a plan that fits your personality or the demands of your daily life, especially if we add children to the equation, work schedules or years of relationship where new and original experiences can be challenging to plan through.

Having someone to guide through a magical evening can help take away the stress of the day; leading you into a romanticl moment with the person you love. Do not worry about looking for ideas this year; we will create the perfect evening for you.

If you are spending Valentine’s Day in Spain or you are planning to travel to Spain and want to surprise your soulmate with a magical and unique experience, here you have some ideas to inspire you:

We could guide you through the breathtaking land of Toledo, Spain, through Bubble Hotels where, in the comfortable and luxurious room, you can enjoy the view of the beautiful starry sky; here you could have dinner in the evening with the sunset at your feet. You can experience all the love that nature has to offer within the intimacy of your room. Horseback riding in the forest attend a wine tasting or just get lost in the woods by biking or by trail walking through a land that will transport you to an era where fairies and magic were real.

Do you prefer to enjoy the night in a cosmopolitan city, let us take you to an exclusive dinner at your favorite modernist venue in Barcelona, ​​one of the jewels of Catalonia. Starting the evening in a Mercedes Maybach, we will escort you through the city lights of this fascinating metropolis with a private guide and a bottle of the most exclusive Cava, the Spanish champagne and, of course, a selection of artisan local chocolates. After having a panoramic view of the artistic Barcelona, ​​enter one of the exclusive modernist venues where you will be in a romantic and private dinner where the most delicious Catalonia cuisine awaits you.

Or would you rather visit Madrid? How about, accessing the most exclusive art galleries in Madrid at night with an expert guide who will introduce you to the artists and make you dive into their works as if you were a part of them. Immersing yourself in an elegant environment of aesthetics and love, just for the two of you to enjoy.

Now, if you are more of getting down to business, why not take together a Spanish cooking class to enter the world of flavorful Spanish gastronomy, by the hand of a professional chef you can discover a new world of Iberian flavors and textures and, in addition, you can prepare for future dates at home where you can surprise each other with your new skills.

These are only some ideas we can design for you to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day. But if you need to find an exclusive experience in other regions of Spain or if you need more inspiration, just let us know! This Valentine’s Day there’s no excuse for you to not have a great time. Travel to Spain and, most importantly, live this beautiful country full of wonderful destinations.

Let us guide you through Spain to craft your perfect date, for you and that special someone. We will handle everything so you can relax and celebrate your love for each other.

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