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We welcome you to LIVE Spain!

We hope you enjoy this journey through the Spanish culture and country!

With this first post we would like to welcome you to our new space, the I Live Spain blog. This is where we can share our passion for Spain, honoring old traditions and echoing the Spanish Style.

Our goal is to help travelers around the world enjoy Spain in a unique way, bringing them closer to the sights from an exclusive and distinct perspective as well as helping them to understand and experience the customs of this beautiful country.

I Live Spain wants to be part of your trip! Here in our blog you will find all our latest news, hot spots, tips and more, making us your go-to resource for organizing a trip to this charming, but vastly diverse from coast to coast, country.

Showing you only the best Spain has to offer is our key role in this new journey. We invite you to join us! Are you ready?

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