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Top Brunch Restaurants in Barcelona

Spain is a fantastic place to visit and to enjoy food. Who around the world doesn’t know about paella or Iberic Ham? You all have heard about it, and we know that if you visit this amazing Mediterranean country, you will be absolutely amazed by all kinds of food you will find. But we also know that after a certain time in Spain, maybe you and your family would like to go back to your roots and eat some of American food, and we cannot thinks on something more American than Brunch. So, for this week we want to talk to you about the top places to visit in Barcelona to have a delightful brunch after a few days in Spain. Keep on reading and don’t miss any information.

As a modern and cosmopolitan city, Barcelona has a wide offer if we talk about restaurants, bars, pubs and so on. All kinds of cuisine are present in the city, and brunch is something that is going trendy nowadays, so more and more brunch restaurants are opening to offer their customers quality food. Pay attention and take good notes on where to go to have a delicious brunch in Barcelona.

El Árbol Brunch: In the Eixample area and close to Plaza Catalunya and Gran Vía, this friendly and charming brunch restaurant will remind you to a tree with its rustic wooden style, with exquisite decoration. They offer food for everyone, from vegetarian to vegan, and a range of smoothies and drinks that are ideal for mid-day meal.

Billy Brunch: Close to the Monumental Bullring and the Sagrada Familia, in Billy Brunch they proudly make their meals from fresh local products. They have an open kitchen for you to see how they elaborate the different meals. With a wide menu, their pancakes will automatically teleport you back to America.

Granja Petitbo: In the same area that Billy Brunch we can also find Granja Petitbo. A perfect decoration and its delicious food and drinks make of this place one of the most famous ones in Barcelona for having brunch. 

Enkel: In the Gothic Quarters of the city, Enkel is the brunch star of the area. With an European, more modern atmosphere in comparison to the others mentioned, they serve a delicious Barcelona’s brunch in day time and sophisticated tapas in the night. Additionally, their fresh juices and local craft beers are the perfect drinks to accompany their amazingly large menu. Definitely, you have to try this one out.

Caravelle: Close to one of the most recognized streets in Barcelona, Las Ramblas, Caravelle is a luminous and modern restaurant which is perfect to have an organic brunch in a quiet place. With tasty food, one of the most peculiar aspects in this restaurant is that they make their own beer on site. And it’s not only one type of beer, since they make IPA, Pilsner or Golden Ale among others. If you are a beer lover and want to try a delicious meal, we recommend you to visit them.

As you can see, Barcelona offers not only top Mediterranean food, but also it has an enormous number of restaurants for satisfying every type of taste. So, if you are visiting the Catalan capital for a few days and want to take your stomach back to your roots for a while, don’t hesitate to visit these tasty restaurants.

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