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Enjoy Almeria’s Beach in a club

Summer has come to its end and, little by little, our shore with its magnificent beaches is getting lonely. It is always sad to start routine again, but for next year, you could do that having relaxing memories from the best summer ever. For that, one of the best options is to come to Spain and enjoy the sun and party from the best possible perspective. How are you going to do that? Pay attention to these lines and you will figure it out.

To start with, we have to focus on the region that is going to make your delights. Andalusia is one of the most famous Spanish regions for coming to relax and enjoy warm weather for almost the whole year. The area of Almería is also known by its amazing shores and exclusive places where you could come to relax. Beach clubs are really trendy, and this kind of businesses are improving their services to an incredibly high standard so you can spend a time surrounded by the most exclusive and luxurious environment.

As mentioned above, Almería is known within Spain for having amazing locations for enjoying parties of all kinds. Moreover, not just Almería by itself, but several towns near the capital of this region are famous because of the environment that tourists can live there. This is the case of Mojácar or Vera. These are little towns located right by the sea shore and have lately developed the growing business of exclusive parties. These towns are making the most of their breathtaking climate and are providing tourists with the most luxurious environments to relax and have fun whereas they enjoy the highest standards facilities and activities.

For example, one of the most recognized beach clubs is located in the town of Vera. It is the case of Maraú Beach Club, which is specifically located in Puerto Rey, the beach area of the town. This club includes an extensive area for leisure to relax and have fun in an exclusive environment. Moreover, you can celebrate you events there, as birthdays or corporate events to make sure you will be totally satisfied. For summertime, this club counts on two separate pools for enjoying different environments. One of these pools is set for adults only to delight on a party atmosphere where you will be able to try a great deal of cocktails and exclusive drinks. Balinese and sun beds are also available for you to be absolutely comfortable and have a perfect time. Children also have their space and there is a family pool where they can play with other kids.

As not all of it can be party and cocktails, this club also provides its customers with a magnificent restaurant where you can savor international food as well as Mediterranean food. For this purpose, Maraú has a dining rooms with astonishing sea views as well as terraces so you can choose where to delight your food. In addition, there is a snack bar in case you prefer a more casual meal with a fine selection of pizzas, sandwiches and salads. There is a type of food for every customer! Apart from its facilities, Maraú Beach Club also organizes different kinds of events for all types of public. You can have dinner accompanied by a piano and, after that, you will be able to attend a live show with rock, dance and jazz bands.

Moreover, the area of Almería is also recognized by having luxury resorts to stay in. We will take care of every detail and our main goal is that you can enjoy and have a perfect holiday in Spain but not just for summer but for the whole year. Andalusia is one of the most suitable regions of Spain in terms of weather. Almería has an amazing desert where some of the most famous westerns were recorded, so you could go there and put in the shoes of the greatest western stars in the thematic park that is devoted to this purpose. Due to the richness of its landscapes, you could also go for a ride in mountain bike or we could organize hiking or 4×4 routes to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata exclusively for you. In addition, aquatic activities are much more than recommended, so you can make the most of your trip and have a journey that is never going to be forgotten. some of these activities include discovering breathtaking coves to relax in amazing yachts. This is highly recommended if you want to enjoy a magnificent outing to explore hidden corners in the shore of Almería.

Finally, we just want to recommend you to join us in discovering the leisure that Almería can offer to you. Put everything in our hands and let us bring you to a dream of relax and luxury come true. We are sure you won’t regret coming to this part of Spain.

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