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Top 10 things to see and do in Barcelona

In terms of tourism, Barcelona is one of the most interesting destinations in Spain, there’s no doubt about it. Its magnificent history, precious buildings and amazing spots make of this Catalan city a referent to be visited by people from all over the world. In Barcelona, it doesn’t matter where you are from, your lifestyle or your faith; there is always something to do. Through this article we want to give you some options on what to see and do in this Mediterranean city. So, if you’re planning a trip to Spain, Barcelona must be one of the places included in your itinerary.

Barcelona, capital city of the region of Catalonia, is the second biggest ciin in terms of population of Spain, right after Madrid. Barcelona counts with around 1.7 million inhabitants, but the different towns and cities surrounding Barcelona make this number to increase drastically. This city has a privileged enclave in the Mediterranean Sea, which is key if we talk about economics and a history that has modeled it to its current shape and way of living. But maybe all these facts are a bit irrelevant now, so we will start to go over the most interesting things to see and do.

Enjoy art. The first name you must know before visiting Barcelona is Antoni Gaudí. Why do you have to know him? Because he is present in every single corner of the city. The most famous and important architectural spots and monuments came out from his wit, and he has become one of the most important icons not only in Barcelona, but in the Spanish culture as well. The most important building in the city is signed by Gaudí; the Sagrada Familia, which has become an icon and the most visited monument in Spain. The building process of this temple is quite curious, since its construction started in 1882 and it is still under works, which are set to be finished in 2026.
Apart from Sagrada Familia, Gaudí also left his genuine signature in several spots of Barcelona. Some of these places are Park Güell, Batlló House or Casa Milá (La Pedrera), Casa Vicens, which are amazing and original constructions that are a must if you visit the Catalan capital.
Furthermore, Gaudí was not the only artist who is present in Barcelona. Picasso, for example, also has a museum devoted to his works, and besides this wonderful place you also can visit the main spots he loved when he was living in Barcelona.

Eat well: in Barcelona you will be able to find some of the most interesting restaurants and places to have a perfect and delicious meal. From Michelin Star restaurants as Lasarte, Àbac or Moments, which are well known for their contemporary cuisine, to street markets where you will enjoy typical food. You choose the way you want to taste the city.
Moreover, we also believe that a gourmet experience is not fully complete if you don’t visit typical food shops to bring home the special taste of the city. You cannot let this pass.
Finally, if what you love about food is cooking, you can also attend to Spanish cuisine lessons. There, you will learn how to cook Spanish meals and taste delicious plates as paella, gazpacho, Catalan cream and many others.

Watch Sports: the city hosts top level events in some of the world’s most important competitions. From April to June, Barcelona witnesses how tennis, Formula 1 and MotoGP stars are main protagonists in events as the Conde de Godó Tennis Tournament or both Grand Prix races in the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya. Apart from that, the city is the home to one of the most recognized soccer teams, FC Barcelona, so you can watch a match in its breathtaking stadium. If you like sports, Barcelona is a perfect choice to meet the stars of some of the most spectacular sport events.

Go Shopping. As most big cities in western world, Barcelona has a wide range of shops and ateliers to satisfy every type of taste. From big recognized luxury brands to small workshops where clothes and jewelry are made in the most exquisite way, you can buy whatever you want.
Are you looking for jewels created with the same patterns as back in 9th century? Would you like to have a model created by the same designers who made dresses for Lady Gaga, the Kardashians, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera or Shakira? In Barcelona, as in many other big cities in the world, you will find the main fashion brands. Besides, if you are a fashion lover, you can also buy exclusive and authentic clothes made by young emerging designers who will be delighted to show you their private ateliers. Here you have all you want, from worldwide known brands to exclusive designs. You choose!

Learn about our Culture. Barcelona counts with different quarters which reflect the passage of multiple cultures through history. In the Gothic quarter you can see antique buildings and it is a perfect place to have a walk through its narrow alleys. This part of the city has lots of museums and interesting places to visit as it has the remains of the different civilizations that have occupied the city through history. Some of the most important spots are the Cathedral, Plaça del Pi, Plaça Reial or multiple small churches that you will find there. Las Ramblas is one of those places that makes Barcelona what it is as it is worldwide known. This is the link between the old part of the city and the new, and it is full of life and color.

Live Music. This is also a prominent part of Barcelona’s life. From classical music and dance in the Palau de la Música or Liceu Theatre to the most outstanding festivals, Barcelona has been lately known for organizing first class music events. You can find all kinds of music as indie in Primavera Sound, heavy rock in Barcelona Rock Fest or electronic in Sonar Festival. Additionally, you will find some famous concert halls such as Razzmatazz. You choose!

Have fun with your little ones. There are lots of parks and green areas in Barcelona, so it’s a good idea to have a picnic with your family or friends at those amazing and quiet places. This can be done in Ciutadella Park, where, apart from relaxing, you can also take a bicycle ride or row a small boat in the lake. In the area of Sarria, the Villa Amelia’s Gardens are also a perfect place to relax without hearing a crowd and have a good time.

Dream view cocktails. There are privileged places to have a drink while you enjoy the most beautiful and amazing views of the city. We highly recommend you to visit special terraces to chill with your friends to have good memories. Some places you can visit are Fuster and Condes de Barcelona hotels to have a great time at their terraces.

Monuments. Apart from the ones by Gaudí mentioned early in the text, Barcelona counts with magnificent monuments and spots you cannot let pass. The monument to Christopher Columbus, the Arc of Triumph, Plaça Catalunya, the Cathedral, Montjuic, Pedralbes monastery and Tibidabo park are just some of those places that are a must in your trip to Barcelona.

Go to the beach. If you visit Barcelona in summertime, an ideal option is taking a bath in any of the beaches in the city. Barceloneta beach is probably the most famous one but there are lots of beaches to choose depending on the mood you have. And in case you want a quiet one, you can go to close beaches and coves to have more privacy.

To sum up, we just want to tell you that Barcelona is a place that deserves a wide visit. There is so much to see and do that one cannot be disappointed when traveling there. We are waiting for you to come and we can show you every detail of one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Pack your summer clothes and get on a plain to discover this Mediterranean wonder.

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