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Golf, Relax & The Running of the Bulls

We know that it’s a long time until one of the most famous traditions and festivals of Spain takes place. It will be on July 7th when the bulls will start their way through the streets of Pamplona in front of thousands of people and literally at the back of hundreds of “runners” to end up in Pamplona’s Monumental bullring. This bucket list event, the Running of the Bulls Festival, takes place every year from July 6th to July 14th, and we know that this is one of the biggest attractions for travelers coming every year to this wonderful city of Spain. The festival is dedicated to Saint Fermin. You can live this amazing party your own way, but we bet you want to do that surrounded by luxury and relax, because there is no better way to enjoy Pamplona. This article will tell you how to have a great time in Pamplona while you live one of the biggest festivals of the country and relax in a beautiful and quiet hotel with your family.

When you go on holidays, you want to disconnect from routine and relax in the best atmosphere possible. Furthermore, if you can combine that relax with one of the most powerful and famous events in Spain, your perfect vacation can become true. Just imagine for a second staying in a luxury boutique hotel, surrounded by all kinds of facilities and services exclusively for you and then having the possibility of witnessing a piece of Spanish history. This is what you can do if you join us in your trip to Pamplona.

If you are planning to travel to Pamplona, we cannot think on a better place to stay than the Castillo de Gorraiz Hotel Golf & Spa. This magnificent hotel offers you everything you need to spend a few days that will fulfill all your dreams. There, you can enjoy every kind of luxury facilities to chill with your family. Some of these services are spa installations or a golf field for you to forget about your daily life a live surrounded by luxury and peace. This is a four-star hotel in Spain which is highly valued among people who have stayed there. Its main features are its tranquility and the kind of services it offers. It is located at the outskirts of Pamplona, in a quiet area that provides you with everything you need to relax.

As the purpose of this article is to show you how to relax in Pamplona, the hotel’s spa must be the main starring of the show. It is a highly complete facility where you will be able to find a peaceful spot and recharge your batteries. Taking baths in this incredible space would heal everyone, and you could also enjoy a private VIP room to relax with your partner. This hotel’s spa also counts with four rooms where you can have different treatments to make you feel as if you were in heaven. Even though the hotel doesn’t have an exterior pool to enjoy summer sun, our guests in exclusive can take a little walk to the golf club house that is perfect for the whole family to spend an afternoon taking a bath under the smooth northern sun.

Other important attractive of this hotel is the golf field. As you know, golf is one of the most relaxing sports to be practiced. If you like playing golf, this can be a great opportunity to take. This is also a chance for your family to start playing it in case they can’t. Just taking a look to Castillo de Gorraiz’s golf fields will make you look forward to going there and start your holidays.
In addition, the hotel counts with an excellent restaurant called La Veranda that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. The north of Spain highlights for the quality of its meats and vegetables, and you will be able to try them out at this hotel. A trip cannot be complete if you don’t eat properly, and Navarre is a perfect region to do that. Their delicious meals will leave you with no words.
This hotel is the best option to stay in Pamplona with your family. Here, you will have tranquility but, at the same time, you will be really close to the epicenter of the party due to the van service the hotel provides, running 24h with a 20 minute frequency, which perfect for you in case you have a rented balcony to watch the “encierro” or if you want to go out until late in the night. They will take you to the center of Pamplona in just a few minutes as well as back to the hotel.
Castillo de Gorraiz Hotel Golf & Spa is also ideal to take a rest if you compare it with other accommodations since it is at the outskirts of the city and noise won’t be a problem for you, so you will have a quality rest and sleep.

Once the relaxing side of the plan is clear, it’s time to talk about Pamplona. Pamplona is the capital city of the region of Navarre. Close to the Basque Country and historically linked to the Basque culture, it is located in the north of Spain and is prominent for its Festival honoring San Fermín, The Running of the Bulls. This city has of course lots of monumental buildings and places to visit that would delight every guest as it was founded in Roman times, more than 2000 people years ago.

Since you are going to be at the best place in the best moment, you can enjoy the Running of the Bulls Festival in multiple ways. This is a festival for everyone, so, here is only one of many recommendation we can give you. Wake up early and enjoy El Encierro (The Bull Run) from one of our Encierro balconies to have a perfect view of the most famous streets and corners through the Pamplona Bull Run to live a true experience, then have a wonderful breakfast with Hemingway in a private and exclusive spot to taste the delicious Churros with Chocolate. Right after, we can plan a walking tour, with an expert and private guide to discover pamplona at your own pace, we can create different bespoke routes, to enjoy the Running of the Bulls Festival and find the most interesting attractions runners, kids, foodies, art lovers, etc. For lunch you can taste the most wonderful Navarran gastronomy, in a beautiful restaurant and in the afternoon you can return and laidback at Castillo de Gorraiz Golf & Spa or continuing scouting the city, having fun with the music bands on the street, having a drink in a music bar, etc. Just leave it in our hands to arrange everything for you. We are from Pamplona, and we know all the most wonderful attractions of The Running of the Bulls Festival.

With us, you can live the festival in the most exclusive way from the relax and chill that the hotel offers you, with delicious food, spa treatments and golf fields, to the amazing bustle of the San Fermin Festival. This is a great opportunity for you to experience it from a privileged perspective. Join us and discover Pamplona in all its greatness.

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